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Mystery / Thriller
A Cover-Up Conspiracy
A Cover-Up Conspiracy
A Will and Betsy Black Adventure
(Book 7)

by David and Nancy Beckwith,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Longtime, popular, Florida Keys school superintendent Buford Boyle is in the middle of a contested reelection campaign when he’s involved in a one-vehicle fender-bender on Big Pine Key. Not realizing the seriousness of the accident, Buford leaves the accident scene, making the most enormous mistake of his career. Instead of hitting a Key deer as he thought, Buford has killed an innocent child. Thus begins an irreversible downward spiraling cover-up as a dual begins to unfold between him and the fanatical father of the victim. He will do anything to identify and bring to justice his son’s killer.
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A Cover-Up Conspiracy