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Science fiction / Science Fantasy
A Dagger Is Thrust Deeply
A New Era Begins:
A Dagger Is Thrust Deeply:
A Tragic Journal (Book 2)

by J. Allen Clary,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

When a small cluster of nondescript planets decided to break away from the vastly enormous Adrecian Confederation of Associated Planets, an intergalactic war erupted. Now, five-thousand years later, the inhabitants of Havock were still fighting. Among them were two drome killers: Lieutenant Alim Ripper was a burly, bulky warrior, especially around the chest and arms. Still, at six-foot-two, 240 pounds, he didn’t look all that impressive standing beside his fellow warriors. His partner, Aza Gadrin, stood four inches taller and weighed roughly 270 pounds, and just about every ounce of weight was hardened muscle. Unlike his partner, Gad was easy going most of the time, always smiling, especially when he was out hunting drones. Add to the fighters a pirate captain named Boconzeer, the great grandson of Razorn Red, and his Red Fist Squadron. Avowed enemies of the Black Wrath Alliance, they will see this epic battle to the end. Or is it the end?
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