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Short Stories
Darkest Night
Darkest Night
By Bill Craig,
$2.99 Kindle Single,
$17.95 Paperback

After catching brutal serial killer known as The Butterfly Killer in The Butterfly Tattoo, Joe Collins walked away from being a cop. In Paradise Lost, his former partner lures Joe back into police work to solve a string of serial kidnappings. But what happened to Joe in between? After a man is murdered on a movie set, Joe is hired to find out who killed him and why. What he finds is that in the movie business, nothing is what it seems. A movie titled Darkest Night, steeped in voodoo lore is suddenly under attack by a mad voodoo priest who will stop at nothing to make sure the film is DOA before it can finish filming, and Joe Collins might be the only one who can track the madman down and stop him before more dead bodies show up...
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Darkest Night