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Horror / Paranormal
The Empty House
The Empty House
And Other Ghost Stories (Illustrated)

by Algernon Blackwood,
$1.99 ebook, $9.95 paperback

Algernon Blackwood was a master of the ghost story. No, not gore and zombies and such. A descriptive writer, he knew how to tell a story that would raise goosebumps on your arm without resorting to dripping blood, claws, or gnashing teeth of a physical monster. The creak of a footstep on the stairs, a limb brushing against the roof, a shadow on the wall, Blackwood knew how to scare you without saying, “Boo!” Here are ten of his finest stories, a collection to read by flashlight (or e-reader glow) under the covers late at night. This is the illustrated edition.
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The Empty House