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Science Fiction / Science Fantasy
Freetrader Orion
Freetrader Orion
(Book One)
by Bill Craig,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Many readers think of Bill Craig as author of a mile-high stack of mystery books – the Marlowe mysteries, Decker mysteries, Chandler mysteries, Cooper mysteries, et al. Others known his adventure stories – Caribe books, Hardluck Hannigan, and all. And still others follow his Westerns – from Maverick to Jericho Walls. Not to leave a genre untouched, here is the first in Craig’s new sci-fi series, a tale about a star freighter manned by one-eyed battle-experienced Capt. Kiel Dorn and his crew – among them first mate Dick Morgan, the reptilian engineer Vord, and weapon’s master Kieran. These galactic traders take on spider-like aliens, as well as Hal Chromos and his Corporate Security Troops in this blaster-blazing space odyssey.
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Freetrader Orion