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Children’s Books
After August
The Adventures of Little Mouse
by Bill Craig,
$3.99 ebook, $19.95 paperback
Do parents still read to their children at bedtime? Storytime can be a special bonding time for parent and child. The Adventures of Little Mouse is a collection of stories perfect for a parent or grandparent to share with their child, as it is based upon lessons Little Mouse has learned from Papaw Mouse. In the "Mystery of Christmas," Little Mouse helps unravel the mystery of the holiday as he shares his home with Mary Mouse. In the "Wild Wolf" tale, Little Mouse seeks the staff of the Wizard, in order to ward off danger and keep his family safe. In "River Pirates," Little Mouse shows the need for quick thinking and wise choices to outsmart the evil pirates. In "The Shadow of the Hawk" Little mouse uses his bravery and the self-defense skills taught to him by his father as he defends the small messenger bird from the deadly Hawk.
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Little Mouse