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Short Stories
Live Fast Die Young
Live Fast, Die Young &
Leave A Good-Looking Corpse:
A Memoir of hte 1970s

by Richard Vetere,
$5.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Take a journey back to the ‘70s when life was simpler – or was it? Here, Richard Vetere offers a collection of 8 short stories that form a memoir of life in New York and its boroughs for a teenager with long greasy hair, blue jeans and jacket, and brown suede shows – a tossup between the poet Lord Byron and Paul Newman’s character in The Hustler. From a Woodstock without music at Hot Dog Beach on Memorial Day Weekend to a North Eighth Street romance with a knockout sexy babe named Georgia, you’ll play literary wingman. The book’s title comes from an admonition by his pal Sal while they’re working a grave fillers at Mount Olivet cemetery, great advice for wise guy kids. “I grew up in Queens and never wanted to be anything else but a published poet,” writes Vetere. As you will discover, he achieved that goal.
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Live Fast Die Young