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Mystery / Thriller - Adventure
The Morning Star
The Morning Star
Sons of Jacob (Book Six)

by J.B. Volser,
$5.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

A secret organization known only to a few, pulls together two very different families…one of notable aristocrats from America’s highest enclaves, the other a family torn apart by murder and despair. The group is tasked with hiding a vessel…a remarkably sophisticated warship built by the Nazis during World War II. But the organization, known ironically as the Morning Star, ties together more than just two families…it eventually ignites the interest of the father of the Sons of Jacob, Edward Morningstar. Captivated by the promise of global power, he begins to obsess over the warship, unaware that the group that is hiding it consists almost entirely of his enemies. He is also unaware that there is another man who is desperately seeking the vessel, Germany’s Vice-chancellor, Adolf Mueller. Like Morningstar, he is certain that his destiny involves a takeover of the world, and, by coveting the warship, has suddenly become Morningstar’s foremost competitor. “Ruling the world is my destiny!” cries Morningstar, then sets out to destroy Mueller, and to rein in the mystical vessel for himself.
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The Morning Star