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Travel / Outdoor
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Nights Abroad
Nights Abroad
(an Illustrated Travelogue)

by Elizabeth Robins Pennell,
ebook $3.99, $14.95 paperback
Visit four romantic European cities – Rome, Venice, London, and Paris – with travel writer Liz Pennell and her artist husband Joe. From their arrival in Italy by bicycle to their celebration of the nightlife of Paris, you'll feel like you're privy to their personal travel diary. What's more, you will meet their colorful circle of friends – painters, poets, novelists, artists of all sorts – and listen in on their squabbles, pontifications, musings, and comments about the culture of the cities they explore. Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 stunning new photographs, you'll be treated to nighttime vistas of landmarks, monuments, palaces, and notable artworks. Tour Europe for less than the cost of a trolley ride.
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Nights Abroad
Nights Abroad
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Nights Abroad