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Mystery / Thriller
Old Debts
Old Debts
(The River Bend chronicles #9)

by Renee Kumor,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

The gang in River Bend find themselves dealing with aging parents and with a local nonprofit taking advantage of the elderly in the community. As Piper’s father undergoes knee surgery, her mother, Glenda, is left alone at the farm seeming to suffer from a mental decline. Lynn and Dusty discover a dead man on the farm and the folks in River Bend become concerned with safety for the community’s elder citizens when the investigation into the man’s death leads to evidence of a local nonprofit cheating and scamming elder citizens. Strokes, surgery, scams and murder focus concern on the aging citizens and their safety with a little romance thrown in.
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I loved it. Really liked the interaction between the outer ring of characters. -- MaryAnn E.

I think this is your best so far, you've created several interesting story threads and woven them into a strong well-paced narrative that holds the reader's interest. Also you're giving more life and more depth to your characters. -- Barbara S.

Old Debts