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Mystery / Thriller
The Rise of the Avenger
The Rise of the Avenger
Sons of Jacob (Book Three)

by J.B. Vosler,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95

Jacob had recruited the one-eyed man known as Gad for a special assignment in South America – an assassin sent to kill all twenty-seven members of the small village. Thus begins Book Three in the Sons of Jacob. This pulse-pounding epic takes the reader from Siberia to Washington, DC, to Argentina. Edward Morningstar, a high-ranking Pentagon official with a maniacal penchant for power, continues his chilling plot to overthrow the United States. Convinced that he is the Jacob of the Old Testament, he controls a private army of twelve sons, all disaffected mercenaries culled from every walk of life. Phoenix is still missing, despite a nationwide manhunt. Can Jacob maintain control of his covert operation as his once-favorite son Martin Henderson and Senate Majority Whip Cynthia “Maddi” Madison stand in the way of his nefarious success.
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The Rise of the Avenger