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Historical Novel
Slip Time
Slip Time
(A Bill Roedock Novel #1)

by Robert Stave,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Former Airborne Ranger Bill Roedock is hired to find a woman and young child who have disappeared in Thailand. A simple "find and fetch" turns into a quagmire of intrigue, violence and deception. Sonya Merill is the most beautiful woman Roedock has ever seen; however, the life she leads in Thailand stinks of corruption. The fact that her current paramour is an ex-colonel who helped implement the Cambodian holocaust tells Roedock he should let go. It is in the old soul eyes of Sonya’s young daughter that he finds reason to finish the job. With the help of his nephew, Ike Wu, and contacts from the old days, the mission is undertaken in a land of secrets, shadows, and memories of soldiers past.
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Slip Time