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Soulmates and Other Stories
Soulmates and Other Stories
by R.K. Simpson,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Soulmates has arrived and does not disappoint. Simpson’s plots are devious, his characters real because they are struggling with their own good and evil intentions. His language is intimately descriptive, even poetic in places. The paternal grandfather: “a shriveled jackal of a man, regnant but warm, reached his mottled hands up, up to Arthur’s face, pulled him down, and kissed him on both cheeks.” And the maternal grandfather: “musing over his relationship with his grandson, he saw a delicate symmetry to it, life’s beginning and end, beneficial to both, but fragile and fleeting.” Fleeting the book is not, however. Soulmates will stay with you for some time.
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