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Science-Fiction / Fantasy
The Starving Vulture
The Starving Vulture
By Miguel Enrique Samuel C. Montaña,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

A former Roman Legionnaire, Malic has only been a member for four months in the mercenary company the Fame Volturius, or as they are known in the common Low Latin tongue “The Starving Vulture”. Led by Captain Tertius Regulius, they operate in the Western Continent of Amerigio where they service elements from both the semiautonomous Settlement Republics and the Native Chiefdoms. The company is notorious for its efficiency in combat, courtesy of an exclusively Eternal War veteran membership. And a company policy that states the Volturius will only take escort or protection work. They will never operate as an attacking force, they promise to only protect and deliver. This does not bode well with some of their clients, especially those that desire their skill in battle. But all that will change after the Volturius is tasked by their longtime client Lady Arslen Kawl of the Trade Guild Chryseum, to deliver a cargo of multibarrel cannons into the Free City of Rancidheim. Many battles ensue!
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The Starving Vulture