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Mystery / Thriller
A Stitch In Time
A Stitch In Time
A Quilters Club Mystery (Number 9)

by Marjory Sorrell Rockwell,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback
How could it be? Young Aggie discovers a Brontosaurus bone at Gruesome Gorge ... but no dinosaur fossil has ever been discovered in Indiana before. This mystery leads the Quilters Club -- those lovable amateur sleuths Maddy, Bootsie, Cookie, and Lizzie -- to uncover a massive theft of museum-quality fossils, a missing octogenarian known as Commander McBragg, and a TV evangelist involved in illegal adoptions and child abuse. “The quirky cast of characters, small-town sensibilities, and complex mysteries make Marjory Sorrell Rockwell a popular author of cozies,” says Martha Griswold, Online Critics Corner.
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A Stitch In Time