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There's No Explaining Love
There's No Explaining Love
The River Bend Chronicles (Book 12)
by Renee Kumar,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

River Bend is alive with spring blossoms and Lynn Powers is doing her best to trade, barter or steal samples of some of the best perennials for her garden. Dusty, her husband, interrupts her spring fever as he draws her into helping with his new assignment. He has been named to a local county board by the sheriff to work with early release felons. According to a new state law, each county is to create a new local nonprofit to help the early release prisoners as they update their education, enroll in job training, find work and create a stable life in the county. Dusty, a law enforcement professional, has no expectations for success of the program or the early release felons. His suspicions are proved valid as two of the three felons rob a bank and kidnap Lynn and her friend, Amelia Shipley. The River Bend gang muddles through spring with robbery, dancing lessons, Memorial Day parades and unexpected romance.
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There's No Explaining Love