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Mystery / Thriller
To Die For
A Mitch Cooper Mystery (No. Three)
by Bill Craig,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Paloma Verdes was a woman of exotic beauty and Mitch Cooper had to admit that she had him nearly mesmerized when she first set foot in his San Diego office. But Paloma came with a sad story to go with her good looks. Her brother Enrico was a truck driver and he had taken a load up to San Clemente. She had called the company that he worked for and they had told her that he had never arrived. She wanted Cooper to locate her brother and make sure that he was okay and not dead in a ditch somewhere between San Diego and San Clemente. Cooper had known women like Paloma before, and he had learned the hard way that they weren’t to be trusted. He was willing to work for her, but he didn’t think that she was a woman he would be willing to die for…
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