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Treasure Conspiracy
A Treasure Conspiracy - A Will and Betsy Black Adventure (Book 9)
by by David Beckwith,,
Amazon Paperback $14.95
Kindle $5.99
Barnes & Noble Paperback $18.95

When The Colonel comes into possession of an old diary by the captain of a Spanish galleon that sank off Jamaica in 1740, it sets off a search for a $600-million treasure buried somewhere on the island. Not surprising that the dangerous Harry Dog and his posse get involved. And it follows that Key West-based financial gurus Will and Betsy Black receive a phone call from their friend Mikey Mo asking them to come down to Jamaica to help The Colonel. They are tapped to be the couriers who deliver the money to purchase an old calabash that offers a clue to the treasure’s location. But will Harry Dog let that happen? An exotic island adventure that sounds as authentic as Mel Fisher’s search for the Atocha.
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A Treasure Conspiracy