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Uncle Moe
Uncle Moe and the
Martha's Vineyard Frackers

by James Loy,
$3.99 ebook; $14.95 paperback

Moe Thibault is a lovable octogenarian who sometimes thinks he's Jacques Clouseau and who’s convinced he once had an identical twin. While living out his widower's retirement in upstate New York, Moe is sent an obituary from Martha's Vineyard with a photo of his apparent Doppelganger, a man named Leroi Uxem. Could this have been his long-lost brother? However, the appearance of energy prospectors intent on setting up a fracking operation offers a threat to the Vineyard. As a Senior Richter Minister of the Church of Seismology, Moe considers fracking to be a sin against the Earth and God – a deity who Moe believes is called Yolanda. Accordingly, he begins a campaign to stop the frackers before they can make a shambles of the island. His associates include Mike Uxem and his wife Nicki, Moe’s niece Velma Trailer, Artie Wetzo (a pal of Leroi’s), and Larry Hitch, Moe's former business associate and the owner of a sex-obsessed monkey. Can they foil the frackers? Will Yolanda kick butt and take names like she did at Pompeii two millennia ago? If you like irreverent stories with zany characters, Uncle Moe and the Martha's Vineyard Frackers just might be for you.
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Uncle Moe
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Uncle Moe