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Mystery / Thriller
Vanishing Man
The Vanishing Man (Illustrated)
by R. Austin Freeman,
$1.99 ebook,$14.95 paperback

Dr. John Thorndyke is a British forensic investigator who gets involved in the disappearance of a man named Bellingham. This puzzling case involves a doctor, a pretty lady, and Egyptian antiquities. As one reviewer notes, "A. Austin Freeman is a wonderful writer - witty, engaging and urbane in the best Edwardian manner. At the same time, he writes about forensics and criminal law in a thoroughly modern fashion. Just as Dr. Thorndyke was a scientific detective, Freeman was a scientific novelist. Both a medical doctor and an avid researcher, he examined all sorts of material under his microscope, created and tested the devices Dr. Thorndyke used to solve crimes…."
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Vanishing Man