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Where Is She Now
Where Is She Now?
A River Bend Chronicle (Book 16)

by Renee Kumor,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

The James County/River Bend Investigation Unit is focused on finding little Holly Hardesty. She wandered away from her mother and brother one springtime afternoon. In the dark of night, the searchers are tramping through lowland getting close to the river having worked for hours as a drizzling rain fell. They hear a child giggle in the darkness. Mars rushes through the mud and reeds to find the girl safely protected by a hobo. In appreciation for his assistance in finding Holly, Teniquia offers to help the hobo reconnect with his family. She persuades him to stay in town and invites his wife and daughter to come to River Bend. The reunion is all Teniquia expected. In the meantime, Nancy Rawlings has returned to town asking her old flame, Mars, to help her recover from her mental health crisis – the crisis where she tried to shoot him a few months ago. Her return threatens the relationship Mars has been developing with Trina Hardesty and her children. The gang soon learns that Nancy hasn’t changed. She has only one reason to be in River Bend. Murder! But who will be the victim?
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Where Is She Now