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Whispering in Grand Central Station
Whispering in Grand Central Station
and Other Fascinating Side Trips,
You Can Go There Travel Series
(Book 4: Off-the-Beaten-Path New York Restaurants)

by Shirrel Rhoades
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Where in Grand Central Station do you find the Whispering Wall … and what restaurant is only a whisper away from it? What’s was the purpose of the secret cellar at the 21 Club? Where could you eat at a drive-in in the middle of Manhattan? Why were gorgeous fashion models serving shrimp po’boys in a New York bait shop? Where did the waiters sing opera? Where could you find a nightclub hidden behind a wardrobe in an antique store … or behind a door in a pawn shop? Where can you eat steak and lobster a few feet from the site of a mob shootout? Ever been to a B&D Club? Want to have a romantic dinner in Aaron Burr’s stable? And how do you find a speakeasy hidden in a phone booth? It’s all here in this insider’s guide to usual restaurants and bars in New York City – both then and now!
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Whispering in Grand Central Station