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Mystery / Thriller
by John David Bethel ,
$8.95 ebook, $21.95 paperback

Wretched tells the story of Ken Plough a man who terrorized the townspeople of tiny Oletha, Iowa for decades. He stole livestock, robbed houses and violated scores of women bullying his victims into silence with threats of violence. One day the dam breaks. Plough is gunned down outside a local watering hole. The brutal killing is witnessed by more than 30 people, but no one admits to seeing or knowing anything. Plough’s family enlists the FBI to investigate the matter claiming the community and local law enforcement are colluding to deny them justice. The investigators are greeted by a hostile citizenry and absolute silence. But this is only the beginning of what graduates into the most chilling three weeks of the FBI agents’ careers pulling them into an investigation of serial murders. Although fiction, Wretched is based on true life crimes that provide the foundation for the novel. John David Bethel is the author of award-winning novels, Unheard of and Holding Back the Dark. He has also been published in popular consumer magazines and respected political journals.
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