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Greatest Hits 2000
Greatest Hits of . . . the 2000's
by Albert E. Kelley,
$2.99 ebook, $11.95 paperback

Here is another indispensible cross-reference manual to the music of the 2000’s. It was an era where the individual performer really outshone the groups and collaboration took on a new style as multiple artists would work together rather than the standard duets. Hip hop took over the airwaves, but rock and pop still had their place. Country had a large cross-over with many new stars showing up on the charts. This book is not a history of music, but a reference manual. It lists the top 100 songs for each year in the 2000’s. It cross-references each of those songs by song title, men, women, groups, one-hit wonders and repeaters.
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Greatest Hits 2000