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Historical Novel
The Great Smoky Mountains Mystery
The Great Smoky Mountains Mystery
by James R. Fox,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

When Minister Fallow Crowder led his Amish flock to the place called Dutch Bottoms in the Great Smoky Mountains, he had no idea they would be facing marauding Cherokee, witches, and a mysterious bounty hunter. Were Duncan Edge and Branch Walker friend or foe? Was Ida Mae truly evil? Did the Indian brave Mohe love the Minister’s daughter? Was there gold to be found in the creeks? And would the boy Cassidy and his dog Flea find the Spanish treasure that was rumored to be buried nearby? Jim Fox has woven another historical tapestry that takes you back to a more dangerous age in those scenic mountains that straddle North Carolina and Tennessee.
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Great Smoky Mountains Mystery