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Mystery / Thriller
A Tailor Made Mystery
A Tailor Made Mystery
by James R. Fox,
$3.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback

Jockomo Ziparelli, an aging tailor, is accused of kidnapping when his drug-addicted daughter is caught on a surveillance video with a missing boy. The two cops investigating the disappearance have differing views of the case, one influenced by New York mobsters, the other trying to get to the truth. Jockomo’s son, a successful lawyer, is having his own problems with his wife playing around with a paperback writer and his yacht going down in a winter storm. But he still has to defend his father and his sister. Problem is, Nora can’t be found on the Indian reservation where she’s hiding out. Despite all the turmoil, Jockomo is reading a storybook to neighbor children, one that has a message for readers.
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A Tailor Made Mystery